Sep 18, 2012

Equal opportunities for writers in the USA?

 The United States of America was always a land of opportunity for people all around the world. So it was in the past and for a long time, for thousands of people who were looking for a better future arrived to these lands searching for an opportunity...
So it is now a days in many aspects and for many people.
In the world of the arts happens the same, or at least in many areas of the arts... Music, painting, audiovisual arts... still find in the generous lands of United States of America, great opportunities for development and to stand out all over the world.
But there is a branch of the art however, that has been excluded from these opportunities, and still is... This field of the art is the writing. The American publishing world seems to be closed for the entry of new writers (with exceptions) of other languages and from other places of the “wide and open world”.
American writers who have achieved some success have recognition, are read globally, not just in English speaking countries, but also through translations, all over the world, also in those poor countries  named: "under-developed"
Thus, the American writers become writers for the world.
But as well as the "under-developed" countries generously open their doors to English literature and its authors, this does not happen in both ways, and it is very difficult to Spanish-speaking writers to have access to the English speaking market, regardless of whenever they have been awarded or not, or if his books have reached the category of a Bestseller. Is that fair? I do not think so... The world has globalized thanks to the Internet and it need  also to  globalize in all the cultural aspects.
Today is quite difficult for a local author who just gets started, to reach a publishing contract or get published... Imagine then how difficult that becomes for a foreign writer... almost impossible! Then, the only opportunity to get to be known is auto-publishing yourself with a not very honest publisher or through websites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.
But to promote a self-published book on one of these sites becomes as difficult as getting a contract with Penguin Books.
It is time that English-speaking countries open their doors to writers  all over the world, from other latitudes and languages, simply because of a subject of equal opportunities for all...
What do you think?? 


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